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Business Links Boise ("BLB") has been around since the spring of 2015. Founded by Boise-based attorney and entrepreneur, Tayler Tibbitts, BLB helps busy people make time for real, face-to-face, good old fashioned, professional relationship building. We schedule tee times, build relationships with local golf courses, pair golfers to different groups each month, coordinate sponsorships and prizes, and plan events. That way, you can just show up, play golf, and meet new, interesting people.


BLB events attract golfers of all skill levels. While on occasion we'll plan events or competitions tracking strokes or scores, the focus is always on helping participants have a positive experience and forge mutually beneficial professional connections.  We will also hold a few golf clinics each year for those in the group who'd like to spend some time improving their golf game, so keep an eye out for those.


BLB has touched hundreds of golfers in the valley in a wide variety of companies and industries.  No matter your line of work or golf handicap, there's a place for you at the next BLB event!   

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